Round 1 of 21 Day Fix Complete!!!!

21DF Results

In 21 days I lost 8.2 pounds and 13.5 inches. (Chest -4, Waist -2.5, Hips -4, Thighs -1.5 each)

My review:

Trainer: I really really like Autumn as a trainer. Maybe it’s because most everything I’ve known about celebrity trainers up to this point has been that they are pretty grueling. Autumn gets you through the workout with a positive outlook. They definitely made me sweat and are tricky but are also doable. At no time did I want to give up, and the modifications are easy to follow if needed. She also puts a twist on some common training moves that I like.

Schedule: I like that each day has a muscle group or theme. Sunday is an active relaxation day with yoga. I love Beachbody’s printable calendars. I also enjoyed the option for the last week to double up, which I had planned on doing but work/baby/life, well…. you know. Towards the end of the 21 days you definitely feel stronger and can make it through the workouts easier so the doubling up is a good option.

Nutrition Plan: I didn’t follow the provided plan exactly (just shoot me already!). I kept my diet to 1400-1700 calories per day of mostly fruits and veggies, eggs, chicken, and my daily Shakeology.

Overall: I’m totally doing this again! Whenever I wanted to give up, I had to tell myself it was only 21 days which is attainable and kept me on track. (I’ll admit I wasn’t perfect though, I had a couple splurges here and there). The workouts are a great length of time for my attention span- not too long, not too short. I could do them in the comfort of my own home while the baby was napping. Overall, convenience could not be higher for a fitness program that anyone can accomplish and that yields great results! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this program and plan to start round 2 next week with some friends I’ve introduced to this Beachbody world.


Have you tried 21 Day Fix? What were your results?

New to 21 Day Fix? Find out more info here.

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