the beginning

Sooo… where did this crazy idea to start this journey come from? I figured there was no better place to begin a blog.

Surprisingly enough, the thought of becoming a health & fitness coach and personal trainer had never crossed my mind before this summer. My friends will still give me that funny look when I tell them about my new business.

You see, I’m in my later 20s now and have experienced a huge weight fluctuation since the good ole “Freshman 50” (definitely different from the “Freshman 15”). I’ve had good years and bad years, but had never focused on nutrition and exercise or saw them as a vital part of life. In my mind it was for athletes, not me. After college I was bartending in a tourist town, living for my own entertainment but not for my own self.

I could go on and on with experiences in this past year that have changed me. Things really began to change though after having my daughter in August of 2016. I wanted to be healthy for her. My mental health fell to an all-time low and one day (maybe even after enough liquid courage) I knew it was time to change myself. I needed help. From Park City, UT, I moved back to my hometown of Ocean Isle Beach, NC. I had started uncoordinated exercise here and there, binge-watching The Biggest Loser as motivation to get my shit together.

Fast-forward, fast-forward. I’ve been on somewhat of a routine schedule. I’ve lost some weight and with the help of medication have conquered some of my demons. I enrolled online through ACE Fitness to become a certified personal trainer, partially because I missed learning (I studied molecular biology in college) and partially because I wanted to be able to learn to share my knowledge of healing myself with others. Then one day, I received a message on Facebook that launched me into a heated “what-if” conversation with myself. This message was from a woman named Kelly, a health and wellness coach from 3 hours away. I accepted it to eventually as her about her job, but she beat me to it after some small-talk and introduced me to the world of Beachbody.

The world of Beachbody! Because it is a world. She FaceTimed me, we met online and discussed goals and babies and businesses and all the things that life throws our way. I immediately joined as a coach, and have not looked back.

Fast-forward, fast-forward. TODAY. Day 21 of my 21 Day Fix! The final day of my first group challenge. The results? I am down 10.2 lbs, and have lost 2 inches each around my chest, waist, hips, and thighs. 1/2 inch around each arm. (Pics will be posted soon). In addition, I’ve met the most beautiful people all working towards similar goals, all real people in real life that I’ve been able to connect to, and it’s been beautiful.

And to celebrate the last day of my first challenge, I’m starting this blog! I am no writer (as you can see). I can’t even focus my thoughts enough to get a complete sentence out of my mouth…. BUT heeeeeere we go! I hope to inspire and I hope to challenge. If nothing else, hopefully I’ll get a pity-giggle. We’ll be following my journey, spotlighting others’, sharing recipes and workouts, fitness tips, wellness ideas, maybe a joke or two.

Thanks for the read. Anything in particular you’d like to see coming up?


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