Morning Motivation

 Wake up and LIVE your life.

I went to the beach yesterday and, with the baby, ran across the sand to get to get to the water.

If you’ve ever run in sand before, you know it’s not an easy thing to do.

This seemed so metaphorical in a way.

 The water being our goal, our wildest dreams.

 The heat of the sand, sharpness of shells, and the difficulty of the run being the obstacles that prevent us from reaching those dreams.

👶 The baby representing the family and people we bring along with us on our journey.

The dip in the water was cooling on the hot feet. The baby’s giggles of enjoyment could make the roughest person smile. The overall satisfaction of being there in that moment would’ve made any journey worth the peace felt.

This image and these words struck me this morning and I just wanted to share.  

So much love to all of you,


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