How do Beachbody coaches make money?

This is a question I receive often and it’s one I had myself before starting as a coach. We all want to know that our efforts will be rewarded!

First off, what does a coach do and how much money do they make?

It’s important to understand that Beachbody coaching is a sales job. This means that the money you make will be based on your performance. Some coaches make thousands of dollars per week while other make nothing. It all depends on you!

This type of income is not for everybody. It requires you to be a go-getter and to get out of your comfort zone. If you’re comfortable working a 9-5 and taking home your same check at the end of the week THIS BUSINESS IS NOT FOR YOU.

That being said, if you do want to get out and do the dirty work, the sky is the limit. I personally know people within my circle of moms that have been able quit their jobs and work from home to stay with their kids (and you save on daycare, so it’s a win-win!). It takes time to build your team, but it can be done, and quickly. I’ve read of many accounts making thousands and thousands per week after building their teams. Personally, I’ve only been coaching about a month and currently average about $200 per week. Some grow faster, some grow slower, it’s all about you.

What is the breakdown?

As a coach you will earn 25% commission on all sales. This is rather simple and straightforward. If you sell a month of Shakeology, you’ll make about $30. A current September special that is a popular sale is the Challenge Packs which are going for $160. Commission on this is about $50.

On top of commission you’ll need to understand how the Team Cycle Bonuses work. This is where it becomes important to build your downline! Based on you and your downline’s volume, you’ll receive a percentage of sales based on rank. (What is rank and how do you achieve it? Read about that here.) You want coaches underneath you who are selling to up your rank and up your team sales volume and coaches under them, etc, etc, until your business snowballs out of control.

So if it’s a sales job, where does coaching come in?

The “coaching” aspect is still important, as you will need to establish good rapport with your customers to make monthly sales and to move some of your customers to coaches themselves to build your team. Shakeology is a great way to get recurring monthly sales. Ideally, it would mean $30/customer/month in your pocket just from those sales. It’s really a great product, get your customers and coaches to love it!

Most importantly, coaches are what makes Beachbody special and not “just a workout” or “just another shake”. Personally, my coach inspired me to really choose to change and motivated me every day through her involvement during our challenge. You can be the person that your customers need. It is actually very rewarding in the coaching aspect. Don’t look down on it for the sales part. Caring coaches are the heart of this company and will be for your own business as well!

So those are the simple basics about how Beachbody coaches make money. There are other varying bonuses, etc that I won’t get in to here. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below! And if you’re interested in becoming a coach or looking more into that, check out our Become a Coach page. I’d love to chat with you.



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