What’s in Shakeology: Ingredient Lists

Hey y’all!

I’ve received a few questions as to the ingredients in Shakeology and thought it would be a good idea to address it here, so here we go! It is a great question. As consumers, we’re often expected to trust that nutritional and dietary products provided to us are “healthy” when we are really unsure what is in them. (Side Note: The FDA and other governing organizations typically avoid this part of the industry.) I have found this to be the case with many protein shakes and supplements. This is one of the reasons I appreciate Shakeology and their part in the health industry. Here are some details.

Shakeo JPEG.jpg

As mentioned in the fine print above, ingredients vary per flavor. Here are the Supplements Facts for the three flavors of the Neapolitan Triple Combo:


chocolate ingredients


strawberry ingredients

and Vanilla:

vanilla ingredients.png


Hopefully this helps clear up some of the questions!

Hope you have a great week! Much love,


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