Cheat Meal

So… I had a cheat meal tonight…. 

and not one of those cute “omg I had a bite of pie” cheat meals. I’m talking like the real mother-effing cheat meal deal. 

I had round steak over rice (not so bad so far, right? Besides the gravy. It was even portion controlled! Well, the first plate was), a huge bowl of Honeycomb, and multiple handfuls of Nilla wafers. That was a serious ouchy for my new challenge. 
Is it still considered a cheat meal when you’ve consumed enough calories for the whole day in one sitting? Or is it more like a cheat day? Or does a cheat meal have limits because I could definitely think of some cheat meals I want with enough calories for a few weeks of cheat meals. That’s like one of those things that blow your mind and make you question your existence. 

Or like… you know that part in Trainwreck when Amy is says she’s hungry because she’s only had **names off a butt load of food** today. Yeppppp, guilty. 

Ehhhh not much I can do about it anymore while I lay in bed, not working it off. Seriously hoping for a better tomorrow (Tomorrow this year). Good news is that my new Shakeology box came in the mail today! It’ll help with the cravings and give me my superhuman temptation-fighting strength back. 

Have a great night y’all. Keep on being ordinarily extraordinary! 

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