Trichotillomanics Wanted

Do you pull hair from your head, eyelashes, eyebrows, or anywhere else? I do. I’ve been pulling hair from my head for 16 years now, and continue to do so daily.

This is me at this very moment. I wear a hat every single day of my life.

Mark the date- October 9. I’ll be hosting a challenge specifically tailored for those with our condition. 30 days of bonding together with people from all over that actually understand what’s it’s like to have to try to tell yourself to say no. We’ll share our struggles, we’ll share our tips, we’ll share our diets, we’ll share our home workouts, we’ll share it all, and we’ll make forever friends.

I really truly do believe that nothing like this has been done before and the sky is the limit with this kind of group. We’ll check in daily in our own Facebook group and in our own app. We’ll host live web-based meetings. We’ll receive motivation from special speakers that understand that the worst thing that everybody says is to just stop. The stronger we are as a team, the stronger we are as indiviuals.

I have met some of my very best friends doing groups like this and I see this as my turn to give back. Up to 4% of Americans share our condition, yet I hardly know of anyone that pulls. I’m tired of being afraid to share it, and I’m sure you are too.

Please please please reach out to me if you have interest in being a part of this or if you know anyone that would benefit from this type of group. If you’d like to be on the organizational side of this group I could use some help as well. I’m being vulnerable and you can be too. I guarantee this will be a game changer for all of us.

So much love,

Bre (435) 901-7560. Call or text me anytime. Email me at I’m here for you!

Team: Dirty Hippies that Shower


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