LOOKING FOR…. is this you??

Alrighty y’all… I feel like I’ve been just so, so, so, so lucky in life lately. I’ve joined an amazing team that’s led me to so much freedom, and it all came out of nowhere! From taking a chance and saying YES, because why not?! I’ll try about anything once.

Now I’m turning around and looking for myself in the form of other moms… I made myself successful as a stay-at-home mom- saving so much money on daycare alone- I know there’s another mom out there like me. I have 3 spots left for this opportunity!

So here’s what I’m looking for! Is this you?!

  • Stay-at-home mom, or wannabe stay-at-home mom. (I was in the corporate world and service industry prior to this)
  • 23-53 years old
  • Motivated by FINANCIAL FREEDOM. This is a lot of work, but it’s the most rewarding.
  • Think you are worth more than what you’re currently being paid
  • Interested in becoming part of an awesome online mom group.
  • Thrives off of communication with others.

If this is you… reach out! Let’s replace your income. I like to see it as a game 🙂 Anybody who reaches out to me I will personally spend 3 weeks holding your hand and teaching you how to be successful. Teach you how to talk, how to walk, everything. ‘

Be flexible, say yes to opportunities every once in a while. This is a YES moment! Be one of these 3 spots, it’s a great time to get on board.

Let’s at least be friends? fitcoachbre@gmail.com


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