Almost 3 months ago when i decided to join Beachbody i had no idea what i was getting myself into. i was offered a 30 day fitness challenge, an accountability group, superfood shakes, and RESULTS. 

Here’s what I’ve found in the process-

 A COMMUNITY of the strongest, most incredible women and mothers (and a couple hilarious dudes killin it). They all have their challenges and struggles, they are just all so REAL. And as a TEAM, we rally together to build each other up. i really do consider these people some of my best friends. For inspiring me, for being there for me, for making me laugh, for motivating the hell outta me, and for being a living example of how to just do you and be proud of it.

 i am stronger than i ever thought. The human body adjusts SO quickly to the pressures put on it. Literally, at the beginning of all this i couldn’t run 2 minutes without feeling like dying. Now I’ve been running a 5K five days per week as a freaking WARMUP to my regular workout. i can plank for a minute. i can do push-ups (very few… I’m up to 6… but they’re there!). Seriously guys…. whaaaaa?!? Your body wants to be worked, and will reward you.

 Comfort outside of my comfort zone. Everything is mind over body. This includes sharing my experiences and it includes pushing myself the extra reps. Talking to complete strangers about coaching. Telling myself that pain is only temporary. All. Of. The. Above.

And in that process, here’s what I’ve learned.

 There is no magic pill. Products that advertise weight loss or fat burn without exercise…. ummm sorry, but no. I’ve tried this before too. Sustainable weight loss comes from a commitment to a lifestyle. Which leads to…..

 Fitness is a LIFESTYLE. It is not something you can squeeze into the end of your day if you have time; it is a 24/7 commitment.

 If you’re tired of starting over, stop quitting. Can you imagine how good you’d be now if you just would’ve stuck with it when you tried last year? I️’m always asking myself this.

You cannot change yourself unless you challenge yourself. Nothing expands without pressing those boundaries.

 It is the small things you do daily that compound to either greatness or disaster.

 Everybody has a “tribe”. A group of people that are you. You’re naturally drawn to them and they just get you, and because of that everything they do reaches you on a deeper level.

Am i healthier because i decided to take the risk and join Beachbody? YES, both mind and body. (Oh i forgot to mention, coaches are told to read or listen to 10-30 minutes of personal development daily, and it changes you!) Am i a better person? YES. i am honestly feeling as though i am consciously putting effort into my daily choices now instead of sleepwalking through day by day. 80 days in, would i recommend Beachbody to a friend looking to feel more confident, happy, fit, or successful? YES, because i don’t want anybody to feel like they have to coast through life waiting for life to make decisions for them. You control your destiny, this is just a set of tools that can help make the process fun and enjoyable.

With the holidays coming up, I, along with anyone who wears pants, am concerned about the good ole holiday weight gain. It takes on average 5 months to get you back to par!! My team has a new challenge starting this week that will help you keep from getting too wild this holiday season. As always, it’ll be fun, challenging, and rewarding beyond measure. (i want abs for Christmas, how about you?! Oh the change you can make in 6 weeks )

Get a head start on your New Year’s resolution with me for less than that gym membership! 

Comment below, or shoot me an email, & meep on meepin’ on! 

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