FREE 2018 Planner Printable, New Years Resolutions, and other giveaways!

Hi y’all!

Just wanted to take a quick moment here aaaaaaand introduce my free downloadable 2018 day planner/fitness journal!! You’ll see a tab in the menu above where you can download it. And make sure you follow because I’ll be adding additional pages such as a run tracker (I have a goal of 1000 Miles in 2018!), a weekly meal planner, weight loss tracker, monthly calendars, a WHY workbook, etc, etc). Please feel free to download and share! This is the same that I’m using and have seen much success with.

ALSO! There are only two days left of 2017!!!!

Who’s ready to start 2018 off on the right foot?!

I am offering $200 in freebies (including shakes, Amazon gift card, book, etc etc) to anyone who signs up for my online transformation package. It’s a proven system for weight loss and toning! My packages start at $140 and are money-back guaranteed, even after you use everything if you don’t see results or simply don’t like it.

Text me at 435-901-7560 for more details!!

Let’s grab 2018 by the balls 😉

Love, Bre!

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