How I’m able to work from home and FINALLY be a stay-at-home (single) mom.

Hi y’all!!

So I’ve gotten this question a lot recently and I decided I’ll answer it here— how am I able to make it financially by working from home, while being a single mother?

And here’s the answer— lots and lots and lots of hard work. But is it worth it? YES. I have a passion for health and fitness. Sure, my body’s not perfect, my nutrition has actually sucked recently (yay holidays), and my mile time is embarrassing, but I do love it, and I love to help and interact with others.

Building a stable business from home while in a budget is totally doable. And it does actually get easier! You’ve just gotta have the patience in the beginning, and know that there is no “get rich quick” anything in life, unless you hit the jackpot somehow…………. eh.

I find 90% of my clients on Facebook and Instagram. After 3 months of building content and my brand, they started coming to me! No more hassling anybody for sales….. hallelujah!! Ha.

Anyway, 2018 is going to be a powerful year for me. I want to bring 3 people along that I can help build their businesses. People with passion and love for others. Text me at 435-901-7560 and let’s try something new!!


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