2017 was a year of major ups and downs.

I moved across the country.

I fell into serious debt.

I started a business.

I gained control of my health.

and to me, most importantly, I gained my confidence.

Literally, for the first time in my entire life I am a confident woman. I have self esteem. I am not ashamed. Yes, I have down times where I let negative emotion get to me. But we have to experience the negative, or how else do we know the positive? The difference is owning your negative emotion.

I have not yet reached my health goals. In fact, I gained back a lot of the weight I lost when I went back to my old ways. That being said, I now know that I can do it. I am proud of myself and my abilities. I worked my way up to a 5k, so I know I can work my way up to a marathon, which in fact, I scheduled for late spring.

Perhaps confidence comes with experience and needing to work your way out of things. Or perhaps its the daily personal development reading I’ve been doing that has gotten me to a point of enlightenment. Most likely a combination of all these things, plus the focus and effort put into being happy instead of expecting to be happy.

I am so happy being in the business of helping others achieve their happy- their confidence, their self esteem.

And to anybody reading this and experiencing doubt….please know that I have been there. Clinical depression and anxiety. Trichotillomania. Failed relationships. Single motherhood. Suicidal thoughts and feelings. It’s all dark and seemingly frowned upon to mention, but these things are real.

It’s also real that there is a way out.

I genuinely desire to help people regain their confidence. Become the best version of themselves, someone that they are proud to show off.

I’d love to invite anyone reading to text me personally at 435-901-7560. Let’s talk about anything and everything. If you just need a friend, or if you wanna send someone a funny meme, or if you’re a bored stay-at-home mom in need of a social life, or if you’re serious about building your own self esteem, message me.

The most beautiful things I’ve experienced are things that I just closed my eyes and jumped into. Let’s jump into something amazing!

Love, Bre. Remember… 435-901-7560!

Cheers to 2018.

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